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“Once you walk into the home of your girlfriend’s parents, you’re married”.

Papua New Guinea 101 – cultural immersion lesson 1


Once you walk into the heat of Papua New Guinea, you realize bringing chocolate for your wife, and leaving that 2nd short at home because you’re already way over your luggage allowance, is not the smart thing to do.

Life lessons are best learned by immersion, and the heat is so humid that I can almost swim into lesson number 2. For 35 Kina I manage to buy the biggest short and almost forget that these chocolate bars must be more like Nutella spread when I will arrive into my new home in Kikori. The one Kina coin has a hole in the middle and features 2 crocodiles. I sort of love the country already.

After my first 3 flights, Amsterdam, London and Manila, my first glimpse of Papua New Guinea is Port Moresby, the capital city. Today I will take my forth flight provided by an oil company because from here on, it’s all quite remote. Tonight I’ll sleep at an oil base in Moro and tomorrow a 2 hour heli flight will bring me to Gobe. From there it’s just another 2 hours in a jeep and I’ll be in Kopi, and form there the Kikori ambulance will pick me up for the last 2 hours to my new home.

Kikori Hospital.

Two massive bags, weighing 51kg in total, of which at least 3kg of chocolate, loads of tuberculosis-protection masks and hopefully enough spices to enjoy the sweet potatoes of Kikori for the next 5 months.

I think i have wanpela lot of liquid sikirapim tok.*

* as my PNG Tok Pisin Pidgin is far from fluent, I might just have to show my chocolate spread..

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