The end is near!

In: Antarctica

“And now, the end is near..”

Frank Sinatra – My way (1969)

I have to reprint one of my ‘collisage’ stickers for my -20°C box with snowsamples as I notice that the glue stopped working after just a few minutes of cold exposure.

“I have some good news for you!”

My new colleague brings me the good news on Sunday afternoon. There might be a flight tomorrow! My flight!

I suddenly get the constant smile I saw on the face of one of my winteroverers who left just a week ago.

I’m going home! After so many announcements with every time a few extra days in Concordia I won’t be leaving on December 12, 15, 17, 19, 21 but all of a sudden 19 again. Tomorrow.

I spend my day applying the last address stickers to my boxes with samples and packing my personal bags.

Tomorrow. Maybe.

The Twin Otter plane will bring me to the coastal base Dumont d’Urville where I will board the Astrolab for a weeklong “cruise” to Hobart, Tasmania. And then, after almost 14 months away in the white world, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

I’m going home!!

I guess this smile will stick for a while.

Wanderlust Doc

With the speed of life

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