You always meet twice

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You always meet twice.

I’ve said it quite a few times; ‘Let’s meet again’, ‘Here’s my card’, ‘Whenever you’re in Holland, let me know!’ You always meet twice, at least! We connect, get connected, become Facebook friends and meet again.

Sometimes. Always?

I’m walking in El Calafate, Argentina. We pass a campsite, I spot a yellow Vespa. It can’t be; ‘Hey! Dude!’

We do meet again. It’s been over 1 year, and roughly 6000km since I’ve met Alexander in Yaxche Jungle Camp in Belmopan, Belize. He was on his long way down from Canada, I was working on a jungle project. Some 2000km before his most Southern point I see Alex again.

You always meet twice.

At least once.

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