The only way is up!

In: Antarctica

“I feel fine. How about you?”

Yuri Gagarin – April 12, 1961

Yuri Gagarin seemed pretty at ease when asked how he was doing as the first man in space, ever.

If he would have had a soundtrack to accompany him with his milestone, it would probably have been the Anthem of the Soviet Union, to make this Space Race victory even more victorious.

What were his thoughts right before the ignition? How did it feel to go where no man had gone before? What did it feel like to be free from the Earth for the first time?  These questions are the ones that I would have asked the first man to go to space, maybe the answers would be less understated.

“The only way is up, yeah, for me and you now”

Otis Clay – 1980

Were it Otis Clays’ words, just before the ignition? Or was his mind more focussed on the way back down again?

Back down, with the polar night fast approaching, our daily talk is preoccupied on the sun as it sets at just 4pm, dreams about home and first planes going back up.

“The only way is up, yeah, for me and you now”

The only way is up, Google shows me that even all what is normally down, is so far North.

Almost 17.000km from home I think of Yuri Gagarin, exactly 55 years ago, who just needed to go 100km up to be further from home than anyone had ever gone.

Temp -70.7°C. Windchill -90.5 °C. 9 hours of daylight.

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